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The incredible story behind the mosaic rug colection by Luke Irwin

Updated: May 18, 2018

The new iconic rugs collection by Luke Irwin's caught my attention as it echoes the theme of mosaics used for the Al Risala furniture statement piece. This ancient craft is an amazing source of inspiration for Artists and Designers that can be reinvented in many creative ways. Here is one of them.

Walking by Luke Irwin's shop on Pimlico Road in London makes an impression as it features one of the rug piece of the Mosaic Collection. The distressed aspect of the rug coupled with its original themed design is intriguing enough to tease anyone's curiosity. And if you investigate further you would be lucky to hear the most exciting and unbelievable story you would be offered to hear.

To keep it short I invite you to hear the story from its main author, Luke Irwin himself, unveiling this incredible true tale of The Deverill Villa. The once in a life time:

Caption of the escalated Roman mosaic
Caption of the escalated Roman mosaic | Design blog by Degenne

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