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L  O  N  D  O  N



Thibaut Degenne is a French Designer and Maker of bespoke furniture based in London since 2005.


He has over eight years experience in the field since graduating from a Furniture Design and Making, course in 2013. Thibaut uses traditional wood-working skills enriched by modern techniques and machinery to create both contemporary stand-alone fine pieces as well as quality fitted furniture for his clients. 


A key aspect of Thibaut’s work is his ability to bring a narrative to each piece or collection he creates. He draws heavily on history, architecture, arts and crafts, travel and culture to convey a story giving each piece a soul. In 2017, he set up a workshop space with another French Designer and Maker enabling them to produce their own pieces and allow them the freedom to experiment (See Workshop).

Thibaut's background covers multiple creative disciplines from painting to graphic design and photography to motion graphics; the latter of which he has over ten years of experience. Over the years, this exploration of many different creative fields has proven to be invaluable. Thibaut has an incredible capacity for attention to detail and he likes to think he inherited his creativity and fine detailed making skills from his father; an award-winning jewellery designer and maker. Thibaut also learnt how to use many different tools as he was exploring his father's workshop from a young age.

Following on from these creative experiences - and some inspiring overseas travel too - he decided to develop and refine his own artisan's skills inherited from his family

In 2013, Thibaut completed a one year course in ‘Furniture Design & Making’ at Robinson House Studio, a school run by award-winning British Cabinet Maker, Marc Fish where he designed and produced three high-end contemporary pieces; a cigar humidor (Columbus), a low table (Matisse, Nu Bleu II) and a drinking cabinet (Riviera). 

(See Portfolio)     

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