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L  O  N  D  O  N

AL RISALAH (The message)

Occasional table inlaid with a natural stone mosaic created in the Middle-East. 

2018 / Walnut veneer, limestone, black oil stone

Dimensions: H520 x W520 x D520 mm

If you have any questions or would like to enquire further please don't hesitate to contact the Designer.

This wonderful statement piece is the result of a collaborative project between Designer Thibaut Degenne, Jordanian mosaic artisan Ali Al Hababseh from Madaba and Lebanese Calligraphy Artist Joumana Medlej.


They worked together to create a collection of decorative contemporary artistic pieces inspired by middle-eastern architecture, arts and crafts with strong Arabic influence.

The front and the back of the piece features a revolving mosaic strip inscribed with a philosophical Arabic quote on serendipity that could translate:

« One chance encounter eclipses 

thousands of appointments »  


The marquetry on the top and the sides features a geometrical star revealed from the walnut veneer grain direction rotating from the center point.


The design, is paying tribute to traditional mosaic craft and, combined with the utilisation of square Kufi script, it unites wood with mosaic stones - two natural and noble materials - in an elegant conceptual piece which has a contemporary feel.


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