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L  O  N  D  O  N


Cigar Humidor (50 cigars)

2013 / Rosewood sonokeling, ebony, pau amarello, spanish cedar, glass, bronze /

Dimensions: H120 x W350 x D250 mm.

This fine cigar humidor box pays tribute to Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the ‘New World’. On first landfall on San Salvador island the crew observed natives smoking tobacco, a habit they quickly picked up and brought back to Europe. 

The box is composed of three parts: a top lid that incorporates a hygrometer, an intermediate cigar tray and a storage base with sliding handmade humidifier. Columbus cigar humidor box can contain up to fifty (50) cigars, Habanos, Vitola. The removable and sliding humidifier has been designed to include the modern crystal humidifier by Xikar to maintain the vitola of all sizes in a perfect humidifying conditions.


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