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L  O  N  D  O  N


Medallion display cabinet

2017 / Solid Oak, glass, felt /

Dimensions: H915 x W600 x D600 mm.


The piece was commissioned to us by the Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) to display a Sovereign Medal of Merit from The Order of St John of which the Charity have been awarded for in 2016

Following a design competition among the Young Furniture Makers community 'Design by Degenne' eventually won the commission to produce the display cabinet which is showcased at DMWS' headquarter in Redenham.

The medallion display cabinet was designed by Thibaut Degenne. The design of the piece takes its inspiration from the sharp angular outline of the St John’s cross. It was produced in our workshop at Timber Tailors London by Thibault Lumpp and Thibaut Degenne.

This piece was a challenging yet exciting one to design as we had to showcase and highlight a small single item (a St John's Cross medal) as well as convey the theme that this special item carries.

We choose a rounded top for the main support to follow the contour of the medallion. We counter-balanced it by introducing bold arrow shaped features using the top of the legs and its textured end-grain as a statement to echo the St John's Cross itself. To further emphasise the dynamic of its angular edges, the end of the four legs pointing downwards are tapered giving the piece an almost ‘levitating’ feel.


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