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L  O  N  D  O  N


Thibaut Degenne and Thibault Lumpp posing near te St John display cabinet, comissioned b the Defence Medicl Welfare Service, DMWS

Thibaut Degenne and Thibault lumpp posing near the tailor-made display cabinet for the Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) in their workshop (2017)

Developing relevant design and a fine product is a process that requires creative time and a professional space to test and experiment various options for problem solving. The prototypes and furniture pieces are made in their  workshop based in North London.


Thibaut Degenne is sharing this workshop space with another talented Designer and Maker allowing them to feed each other with valuable feedback and ideas. Together they also team up to work on residential and retail projects of fitted furniture under the name of Timber Tailors London.

In this workshop they have the capacity to create high-quality modern bespoke furniture at a high standard using traditional skill as well as modern techniques and tools. We also proceed with our own fittings at our client's homes at the highest standard.


They also offer an after-care service and snagging for a full client’s satisfaction. The workshop is fully equipped with heavy  wood machinery, power tools and traditional hand tools. It also incorporate two spray booth, allowing the team to be efficient and autonomous with finishes.  

For more information about Timber Tailors London please visit the website:

Spray lacquering of Al Risala piece in the sprayboothof te workshop

Al Risalah piece being spray lacquered in one of the two spray both of the workshop by Adrian our finisher specialist.

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