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Al Risalah 'mosaic cube' completed

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Designer Thibaut Degenne received the kind visit of calligraphy artist Joumana Medlej to review the mosaic side table recently completed.

After nine month of intensive work to produce this new piece, a mosaic cube, it is ready to be disclosed to one of the person who collaborated one the design of this piece. Joumana Medlej is a calligraphy artist specialised in Arabic Kufi script and helped to recompose the Kufi design originally created in 2012 for the first Al Risala prototype.

Thanks to her great knowledge of the square Kufi script, Joumana contributed to sublime the design of the script composed in mosaic.

The design approach and work in progress of the Kufi script can be seen on Joumana's blog here. Thanks to her for her great work and we look forward working together again on a new project soon.

Designer Thibaut Degenne and calligraphy artist Joumana Medlej in the workshop where Al Risala table was created
Thibaut Degenne and Joumana Medlej

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