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Stornoway Handmade Tea Rack

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

We created this exclusive handmade tea rack to display your prized tea caddies in partnership with Timber Tailors London workshop. It can incorporate up to sixteen medium tea caddies (such as standards T2, Whittard).

tea rack in solid cherry wood
Stornoway tea rack / Tea caddies display

Evoking the adventurous spirit of the historic tea trade in Britain, 'Stornoway', a handmade bespoke solid wood tea rack, was created to embody the story of Britain's first tea Clipper which was built in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1850.

This elegant tea rack with guarded shelves is an eye catching display piece for your prized collection of tea caddies. The piece is beautifully finished with natural oil and all handmade in London, UK. Each shelf has a lip at the front and on the back to keep the caddies in place. It is jointed using traditional woodwork techniques: no nails or screws (apart from the wall fixing at the back).

It can be displayed free-standing on a worktop/counter or fixed to a wall. Stornoway Tea Rack is a perfect decorative piece for the home, in a cafe or a restaurant.

Joinery details of the Tea Rack
Stornoway Tea Rack shelf detail
Stornoway Tea Rack shelf detail
Joinery detail of the tea rack
Stornoway Tea Rack shelf detail

Capacity: 16 Medium sized tea caddies 

(Approx 9.5cm x 9.5cm x 12cm)


Width 45cm 

Hight 45cm 

Depth 12cm.

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