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A Belmond British Pullman in Victoria Coach Station

Updated: May 23, 2018

On our way to The London Craft Week we were surprised to see a Belmond British Pullman train between shifts at London Victoria station.

We walked all the way down the platform as this was a rare opportunity to see the grand interiors of the legendary train and get a closer look at the decoration of the carriages. Both exterior and interior looked sumptuous with fine decorative elements and marquetry panels.

Belmond British Pullman consists of Pullman coaches dating from the 1920s to 1950s. They were bought and restored between 1977 and 1982 with the original fittings such brass luggage racks and furnishings sympathetic to the period, art deco-style table lamps and armchairs.

Belmond British Pullman train

British Pullman coat of arms

Most Belmond British Pullman carriages are names after God and Goddess of the Greek Mythology such as Cygnus or Minerva and Phoenix

Window of the restaurant carriage of the Belmond British Pullman

An interior of Belmond British Pullman

Dresser of the Belmond British Pullman restaurant

Fine marquetry decoration panel inside a carriage of the Dresser of the Belmond British Pullman. The panels and marquetry were restored by A Dunn and Son, a family firm that dates from 1895 and which created some of the originals.

Modern locomotive of the Belmond British Pullman

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